Kitchen Culture at The Butternut Tree

We have about 1,700 square feet of kitchen space. A good working environment for our staff was important to Chef Downey from the start. Like all high-performing professionals, they need room to work, but also room to rest and think. Unlike many restaurants today, we didn’t want to maximize dining space at the expense of our staff.

Chef Downey often talks about the people he wants building their career at The Butternut Tree. Much of the restaurant experience he hopes to cultivate is steeped in what he calls Canadian hospitality. He wants a restaurant full of people who are passionate about sharing. People who are inviting, friendly, and lovely to interact with. This is the foundation for everything else.

There are no titles or names stitched on our uniforms. We made a deliberate decision to try and do away with hierarchies and to be inclusive among staff. Everyone is equally committed to delivering the experience that we set out to provide to our patrons. By removing the traditional titles that you typically see at restaurants, we’ve been able to replace them with a shared responsibility and accountability to our guests.


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