The Exploration of

Canadian Cuisine


A unique focus on replacing global sources of familiar
flavour with unique ingredients from our home and native land.

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About The Butternut Tree

After ten years discovering the world and the flavours it bestows, Chef Scott Downey is back home in the prairies and set to introduce Edmontonians to his interpretation of Canadian cuisine. Opening August 2017, The Butternut Tree is just a stone’s throw from the beautiful Alberta Legislature Grounds just off Edmonton’s majestic river valley. A room with a panoramic view, Chef Downey’s first restaurant pays homage to the places he’s lived, worked and explored, while showcasing seasonal ingredients from Canada’s distinctive landscape.

Welcome to The Butternut Tree

Chef Scott Downey


Scott Downey, Chef-Owner of The Butternut Tree, grew up in St. Albert where his family instilled in him the importance of growing and raising what you eat. His summers were spent back and forth from New Brunswick and the memory of the butternut tree in his grandmother’s backyard is a powerful symbol of the wonderful ingredients that are growing all over the Canadian landscape, waiting to be rediscovered.

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