Our Friends

Producers and Suppliers

Emjay’s Prairie Berries

Emjay’s is an incredible gem located in Andrew, Alberta and is run by Marvin and Judy Hrudey. The couple has cultivated over 30 varieties of berries, many of which are native and have become naturalized in Canada. Chef Downey is always impressed by the diversity in flavours from Emjay’s produce; you will be hard pressed to find this much variety in a grocery store. The exploration of the Canadian landscape is a common thread in The Butternut Tree’s culinary story and we’re glad to be working with these fellow explorers.

Mo-Na Food

Mo-Na Food is a wild food specialist that coordinates with foragers across Canada and makes the product available to restaurants. Their extensive network brings The Butternut Tree ingredients from the four corners of Canada, covering the entire Canadian landscape and providing something unique and diverse to our diners. Mo-Na’s uncompromising commitment to quality is evident in both their knowledge of wild plants and their harvesting expertise.

Prairie Gardens

Tam Andersen is the present owner and “Director of Fun” for this wonderful farm in Bon Accord, established in 1898. The Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm is The Butternut Tree’s main supplier of herbs, greens, and produce. Chef Downey also frequently forages Andersen’s land for wild ingredients. The Butternut Tree and The Prairie Gardens Adventure Farm share a similar vision and values: to share our passion for and educate others about high-quality ingredients, the diversity available within our local ecosystem, and the building of community.

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